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The most impressive True MPG performers of the past year. Rather than just picking the three most frugal cars, we consider how models perform against rivals and what pollutants come out of their exhausts.

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Suzuki Ignis 1.2 SHVS 2WD SZ5

WHY THE IGNIS is a finalist is simple: nothing has surpassed its stellar average True MPG figure of 59.6mpg. Given the wide selection of hybrids, downsized turbocharged petrol
engines and diesels we’ve tested this year, that’s quite some achievement.
Not only does the Ignis sip less fuel than anything else, but it doesn’t chuck out much NOx, either. Considering NOx contributes to the formation of smog and acid rain, that’s worth celebrating.
So, what magic does the Ignis use to achieve this? Well, look under the bonnet and you’ll find a fairly normal, non-turbocharged 1.2-litre petrol engine. Examine more closely, though, and the mechanically minded among you might notice a belt-driven motor/generator. This can generate electricity when you’re slowing down. That’s fed to a tiny battery that then powers
the motor, which adds torque under acceleration, helping with performance. In addition, the Ignis weighs much less than even the Volkswagen Up city car, so even cheaper, non-hybrid versions of
the car are still good for more than 50mpg.

The main reason you’re interested in a car’s fuel economy figures is because you don’t want to pour tonnes of money into its tank, right? With that in mind, you won’t want to spend loads on buying the car that offers cheap running costs, either. That’s where the Ignis really scores. It’s frugal in any type of driving and inexpensive to buy, at over £3000 cheaper than the Yaris Hybrid
and virtually half the price of the CX-5. You can even have an Ignis with four-wheel drive that returns 53.3mpg.

All this makes the Ignis the deserving winner of What Car’s first True MPG Award

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