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Grenson Suzuki always recommend that your vehicle is serviced in line with the manufacturers servicing requirements. This will maintain the benefit of the warranty as well as extending the longevity of your vehicle and any components fitted. It is appropriate to service your vehicle every 12 months or 10000 miles whichever is sooner. Keeping your service history maintained is very important. A service history definitely influences the resale value of your vehicle as well as improving fuel economy by having efficiently working engines and exhausts as well as clean oil.

Did You Know;-

  • Making sure the tyres have the correct air pressure can increase fuel economy by 3.3%
  • Replacing a dirty air filter can save up to 10% of fuel costs
  • Keeping an engine correctly tuned can improve fuel economy by approximately 4%
  • Using the correct grade of oil can save 1-2% e.g. using 10w-30 in an engine designed for 5w-20 can reduce fuel economy by 1-2%
  • Clogged sparkplugs will also reduce fuel economy by around 5%
  • Fixing a serious fault such as a faulty oxygen sensor can improve fuel economy by as much as 40%We also have 2 designated mot bays so we are able to efficiently service and MOT your car at the same time. By using Grenson Suzuki you can be assured that your car is fitted with the correct parts as well as any outstanding recalls being dealt with promptly.This all makes Grenson Suzuki your ideal 1 stop service destination for Crewe and Nantwich as well as Cheshire Shropshire and Staffordshire.
  • Apart from the obvious resale and fuel economy benefit acquired by a fully maintained vehicle, there are also the benefits of other minor faults being detected as the car is serviced, e.g. an illegal tread on a tyre can cost a £1000 fine and 3 points per tyre if the car is stopped by the police. It really is as the saying goes a stitch in time will save 9!
  • Grenson Suzuki have a designated parts team and are able to supply a wide range of parts and accessories for all Suzuki models.


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When you get your car serviced we have always carried out a health check and advised on possible additional work that might need doing. From now on when we do this health check we will send you a personal video of the issues found so you will be able to see this for yourself before any work is carried out. Just remember to leave your email address when you leave your car for the service.

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